T2ndB - The Name Teacher

Learn your new student's names fast and easy!

Available in Windows Store for free.

Download from Microsoft

Practise names automatically

Students are shown in an automatic slideshow. You are free to choose out of three different time delays.

Name quiz

You can test your knowledge in three different difficulties. After the quiz you get feedback about your success.

Available for phone, tablet and desktop

T2ndB - The Name Teacher is a Windows Universal App. So it is not only available for your Windows Smartphone but also for your tablet and desktop PC. If you decide to buy the adfree version the app will be free of advertisements on all platforms. The only condition is that you use the same Microsoft account on every device.

Databases from Teacher's Second Brain

If you already use Teacher's Second Brain it is possible to import your database into The Name Teacher. So you don't have to enter them twice.