Today a user send us a critical bug. Openingn 'Info and Buy' could cause the app to crash. This bug only appears in the Store-Version but not in our developer version.

We hope that we could fix this bug; the new version has been send to MS for certification.

We hope it won't last to long till release in the store/as update.

In normal cases the new version will be available in less than 48h.

The screenshots on the homepage are out of the new version. If you download today or tomorrow, it can last 2 or 3 day until Microsoft ships the new version. So the new features won't be available until then! Sorry for that!

Coming soon: Our biggest update so far!

We are glad to announce our new version Beside some minor bug fixes and detail improvements we have some exiting new features: 1) The possibilty to send mails to your students. 2) We integrated a reminder for homework, absences and checklists 3) There'll be a new help function which supports you working with T2ndB

Thanks for your responses. The T2ndB-Team

Today wie fixed the bugs '#39: Minor bug in CSV-Export table '#40: Unknown runtime error in JS

The fixes were tested and the update has been submitted to Microsoft. We think it will be available on tuesday.

for the hints on Bug #37 and #38.

Both have been fixed today and will be uploaded to Microsoft after final tests.

You'll get version on wednesday.