We're glad to announce that we submitted version to Microsoft for certification. In addition to some minor bugfixes it has a better schedule integration into absences and the teaching diary.

Like you recognized on our homepage we added a new color scheme to T2ndB. We hope, you'll like it.

Additionally there is a ne migration function that helps you to migrate your data to a new school year. You find it at 'Settings' -> 'Migration'.

We're looking forward to your feedback!

Within the last days we received many questions according to the Windows 10 compatibilty of T2ndB and the support for the Windows 8.1 version. Here are the answers:

1) Can I use T2ndB with Windows 10?

Yes! According to Microsoft, all Windows 8.1 Apps will work fine under Windows 10. During the next weeks we will test T2ndB under Windows 10 to find and fix Windows 10 specific errors. So it may happen, that you receive some more updates during the next time.

2) Will the Windows 8.1 Version of T2ndB get further updates?

Yes. We will support the Windows 8.1 version up to the day the new Win10-version will be released. Afterwards we'll fix all bugs for another 6 month. Please remark us of any bugs you find so that we can make T2ndB even better.

3) Do I have to buy T2ndB again if I upgraded to Windows 10?

No! If you use the same account for Windows 10, it won't be neccessary to buy T2ndB again.

UPDATE 06/05/2015: The update is available.

According to the user feedback we introduce the possibilty to integrate photos from files into T2ndB in version Choose image, crop image, done!

The new version has been uploaded to MS today and will be available in the store/as update within the next days.

Have fun with T2ndB and thanks for your feedback. The T2ndB Team

UPDATE 05/20/2015; The update is available in the store and will be delivered by MS.

Thanks to the user emka we could fix a bug concerning the photo function in T2ndB.

The new version will be submitted to MS tomorrow (05/19/2015). We hope that it will be available as an update during the next three working days.