Teacher's 2nd Brain is a mobile application for Windows Tablets and PCs to make the teachers work easier. T2ndB - The Name Teacher is an app to learn student's names fast and easy. It is available for Windows Phone, tablets and desktop PC.

Who made Teacher's 2nd Brain and T2ndB - The Name Teacher?

Teacher's 2nd Brain and T2ndB Name Teacher are made by W&W Software UG (haftungsbeschränkt) which is a small company out of two people.

Contributors Task
Sebastian Weichel The brain and main developer behind the app who has all the ideas
Sascha Weichel The one who does the more or less hard stuff

In case of any problems please use our forum or contact us via support@teachersbrain.net.

Used Software in or Apps

Teacher's 2nd Brain and T2ndB Name Teacher use free software.

Software Description URL
SQLite-Universal-WinJS-Component Modified SQLite Universal WinJS Component for WIndows 10 Javascript Windows store apps with database encryption github.com/SushiTee/SQLite-Universal-WinJS-Component
SQLite3-WinRT Modified SQLite WinJS Component for Windows 8.1 Javascript Windows store apps with database encryption github.com/SushiTee/SQLite3-WinRT
D3 Data-Driven Documents Javascript library to show data nicely d3js.org
thenBy.js Javascript micro library that helps sorting arrays on multiple keys github.com/Teun/thenBy.js
Levenshtein distance gist Javascript function to calculate the levenshtein distance between two strings gist.github.com/andrei-m/982927
Swipeshow JQuery library for a touch-enabled slideshow https://github.com/rstacruz/swipeshow

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Due to hosting the blog "Singschwan-Tracking" we support the research and protection of the whooper swan (Cygnus cygnus)
The ornithologist Nico Stenschke and his team use modern methods (e.g. GPS Tracking) to research the life of the whooper swan which ultimately helps to protect those marvelous animals.

Learn more on singschwan-tracking.sushitee.de (German only).


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What is this website made off?

This website depends on a few packages. Here is a little list: