Teacher's Second Brain

Mangage grades, seating maps, teaching diaries, schedules and much more!

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Completely user defined grades

  • Define your own marking categories.
  • Define the weight for every mark and every category.
  • T2ndB automatically suggests a calculated average mark.
  • Calculated marks can be changed individually.
  • Choose out of many marking systems from many English and German speaking countries.

Checklists, homework and absences

  • Make checklists for returning books, collecting money,...
  • Record missing students with a few clicks. Afterwards T2ndB shows you if the student already is excused or not.
  • Give homework. T2ndB shows you, if you already checked it, the due date and with only a few clicks you can record which of your students forgot to do it.

Up to four different schedules

  • Diplaying breaks and the current lesson.
  • Put in your weekly supervisions and never forget it again.
  • If you wish T2ndB automatically switches between up to four different schedules.
  • A different time structure for every schedule is possible.

Notes for classes and students

  • Record - if you want already during a lesson - individual notes for single students, groups of students or the whole class.
  • The student details page shows every relevant information at a glance. You see marks, notes, absences,...

Seating maps

  • Make seating plans for every class and every room. More than one seating plan per course is possible.
  • The seating plan supports fast recording of absences, missing homework and notes.

Teaching diary

  • A complete class register is included in T2ndB. It shows you all relevant information by date and gives you the opportunity to document the subjects of your lessons.
  • Use the date prediction to never forget to make an entry.

Secure and efficient data handling

  • Save your data with an optional password.
  • Backup your data regularly.
  • Export your class register and your marks to .CSV to edit it with a spreadsheet software.
  • Save time and import students personal data from .CSV files.

And much more

Additionally T2ndB has many more features to make your school day easier:
  • E-Mail feature for easy communitcation to your students
  • Statistics for every grade
  • A reminder for all homework, checklists and absences
  • Automatic calculation of absences
  • ...